TikTok star speaks for the first time in two months after car crash (2024)

After two months of being on a ventilator, the 23-year-old Dallas TikToker has spoken for the first since the accident.

Camryn Herriage was seriously hurt in a hit-and-run that killed her best friend, Sarah House, in February.

Their vehicle was waiting at a red light when a Ford pickup driven by an 'extremely intoxicated woman' smashed into them, causing a chain reaction crash. That landed her in the hospital where doctors gave the 23-year-old a less than 2 percent chance of surviving.

But Herriage is beating the odds and her father, Tim Herriage, posted a Facebook update Sunday about his daughter's health, revealing she is showing signs of healing, slowly but surely.

'Today, I spent time with Camryn, and I'm pleased to report that she's doing well,' the post read.

23-year-old Dallas TikToker, Camryn Herriage, who was the victim of a hit-and-run that killed her best friend in February, miraculously spoke for the first time since the wreck

Camryn Herriage, 23, was riding in a car alongside her college roommate and three other friends on February 11, when their vehicle was smashed into by a Ford pickup

Her father shared that she is attentive, and that she engages with her surrounding is the limited way that she can.

'Her eyes track movements, and she enjoys watching friends and Disney movies, showing signs of engagement with her surroundings. Notably, she was able to grab a ball, hold it, and drop it on command multiple times, demonstrating progress in her physical abilities.'

Tim Herriage said that while she is in the process of retraining her cognitive functions, she is still experiencing pain from her injuries.

'Camryn is actively retraining herself physically, showing determination and resilience in her recovery journey. Mentally and cognitively aware, she mouths words like "hi" and demonstrates conscious control of her bodily functions. Despite her progress, she continues to experience pain from her injuries.'

While Camryn has ways to go in terms of her recovery, her father said he and the rest of her friends and family remain hopeful.

Her father, Tim Herriage, shared an update on his daughter's health in a post on Facebook

Herriage's best friend and college roommate from Texas Tech University, Sarah House, (pictured) tragically died in the hit-and-run

Their vehicle was waiting at a red light on Beckley Avenue, in Dallas, when a Ford pickup truck slammed into them, causing a chain reaction car crash that left five injured and one dead

Herriage, pictured here being wheeled around the hospital, has undergone several intense surgeries since the crash

'We understand that Camryn's recovery will require ongoing physical, speech and other therapies. While we recognize that there's still a long road ahead, we remain hopeful for her continued improvement. Your love and support have been invaluable throughout this challenging time, and we're grateful for every gesture of kindness and encouragement.'

He ended his post with the hope that Camryn will regain her speaking abilities soon.

'Though we're not yet out of the woods, we hold onto hope that Camryn will regain her ability to speak in the coming weeks. Thank you for standing by us on this journey of healing and recovery.'

Over the past few months, her mother, Shirley Campanello, said she feared the worst when she watched her daughter be wheeled into a six-hour surgery that wound up taking just 90 minutes.

'I knew she was gone. I just knew it because he (the doctor) was out to fast ... but it was good news, not bad,' she recalled, speaking with Fox 4 News.

Herriage has had brain surgery, heart surgery and several other operations since the tragic crash.

The outlet reported that doctors at Methodist Dallas Medical Center haven't expected Herriage to do as well as she has throughout her harrowing experience post-crash.

'Ninety-eight percent of people wouldn't have made it, but she did,' said her mother.

As Herriage continues her recovery, she has yet to be made aware that her friend didn't make it.

The woman who allegedly ran after the crash was identified by police as 27-year-old Carmen Guerrero

Friends have stopped by and visited and her mother says she wonders why they come without Sarah.

She said she 'sees the doubt in her eyes.' But the family feel 'like Sarah is pushing her along' through the intense recovery.

Herriage may be required to relearn even simple motions. But her family is holding on to hope that Camryn will one day make it home.

'We were told by several people this is the best we could do. They were pretty set that she would be dependent on a ventilator. It was hope. That was all we had,' said her mother.

Camryn is expected to spend at least two more months at the hospital before she's moved to a rehab center.

The suspect in the crash, 27-year-old Carmen Guerrero, remains locked up in the Dallas County Jail.

Her dad confirmed in a Facebook post that she Herriage worked as a social media management and branding company based in Lubbock, Texas

The crash occurred just two blocks from the apartment Herriage shared with House in a 35-mph zone

Following the deadly wreck, witnesses say they saw Guerrero running from the scene. She is now facing a handful of charges, including manslaughter.

She was arrested 11 days after the collision, and after detectives found her wallet in the car.

The crash occurred just two blocks from the apartment Herriage shared with House in a 35-mph zone.

House worked at Ralph Lauren after graduating from Texas Tech, having studied business, management and marketing and also competed in bikini competitions.

TikTok star speaks for the first time in two months after car crash (2024)
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