Operation Housecall - Chapter 5 - MrAanonymous (2024)

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Operation Housecall

Chapter 5- Dick-sovery Channel

"Ah, Grand Pangolin Arms Apartments." Judy announced. Her tone chipper, sunny and completely sarcastic.

The young rabbit woman twirled a to-go bag of spring rolls as she marched down the dimly lit hall of her building. And it was dim. Only every third ceiling light worked. The others were either dark or blinking to a slow death. The walls, stained and crumbling to the ages and water damage. The floor, if it ever had a carpet- had long rotted away. Leaving behind empty and ancient floorboards. Those looked like they'd gone ten rounds with termites and lost each one. Creaking with every step. The scurrying of every kind of pest echoed in the background- above, below, and in the walls.

"My home, infested, home."

"Hello, Mr. co*ckroach the size of my foot." Nick pointed to their left, feeling their pace getting a step or two faster. The fox clutched his own bag of spring rolls that much tighter, the unkillable beetle roared at them- bum rushing INTO a wall. Through the rotted Sheetrock.

"Soooo, desperate reason not to talk about that- city history time!" Judy sang, her voice delightfully frightened. Her eyes looking at everywhere but at the new hole just made. Nick could tell the bunny girl wished she still had her fox- 'self-defense' spray. Though the fox pondered if it could work on bugs so big they could bite off his fingers. "The place was built at the dawn of the last turn of the century- and has stood untouched ever since."

"Y-Yeah, I can tell." Nick shook his head as the two officers walked past the latest set of stains on the ground- they were not naturally occurring... and were vaguely people shaped. "Pretty sure the last interior decorator was the guy who drew the chalk outlines of some murder victims. The blood stains giving the gray, rotten plywood of the place that splash of color this place needs."

"Heeey, there hasn't been any murders in the building... this year." Judy said, sheepishly.

"Its February." Nick pointed out as the two turned a corner.

"I know for a fact that there hasn't been any reported deaths in the building within the two years prior to my moving in here." Judy clarified, pulling out her phone and showing her partner the actual obituary records of the company that owned the place- they were not up-to-date. "I... Had to prove to my parents where I was going was safe. Had to do some serious digging. That was before I became a cop."

"You just keep that on hand? Whip it out and ready to go?" Nick snorted, amused. It was such a Judy thing to do. The fox shook his head as he marched forward. "Keeping up with the 'city history' thing. Did you know the area around the GPA has a lower crime rate than the rest of triple G?"

"I... did not." Judy admitted, doing a double take before hopping up to the side of her partner. "How do you know that? I did solid research about General Grazers Glen. I can tell you who built this place. Its construction company. The first group of people who moved in. Heck, the first dang arrest made here- It was vehicular manslaughter. Just outside. Made with one of the first Model- T cars from General Mammal Motors. The driver was a Rhino. Those guys have terrible eyesight, why he wanted to be a cab driver- I have no idea. But nothing on the active crime rate on this building compared to the surrounding area."

"W-Wow, you really wanted to leave home and make it to the city. Did your parents even read that mountain of a term paper you gave them?" Nick asked, honestly curious. The rabbit girl nodded with a proud smirk. Nick snorted, of course they did. "Any-hoo, as to how I know- It involves the underworld and criminal networking. Shocker, I know. Did all your Zoopedia and death by PowerPoint deep dives ever tell you GPA got its start as a speak easy?"

"Speak easy?" Judy asked. Tilting her head, confused. Like a chicken that discovered a new sound it'd never heard before.

"Yeah, you guys had barns. So I guess farm folk wouldn't need those out in the country." Nick shrugged. Judy rolled her eyes. "Speak easies. Back during prohibition- the whole no drinky-drink thing in 1920’s U.S. But, people liked drinky-drinky. Sooo, they turned random places into underground bars to hide from the cops. Never really tried too hard to hide'em. Including the basem*nt to this place. Think that old show 'cheers'."

"Okay, interesting." Judy shrugged, mildly impressed. "But that was a hundred years ago, how is that pertinent to now- and how do even know that? I'd be very surprised if they taught back alley criminal commerce history in the run-down high school you went to."

"Well, It wasn't an official class or anything- but..." Nick joked. Judy gave him a level look. "Fine. After prohibition ended and boos were legal again. The speak easy was GPA's main moneymaker. So they had to replace it with different contraband. Every once in a while, this place would switch out their main product. All of it just under the bar for what was worth a raid. Ever wanted a knock off appliance. Like a 'Sonee' TV instead of a Sony. How about an exotic pet, like a 'moroccan' peaco*ck. A chicken, dipped blue. Or my personal favorite in the 90's, Fresh 'Ex-Soviet' military equipment. You know, the department could use a few 'Stalin' class soviet slayer rifles... paintball guns with hammer and sickle sticker’s on’em."

"You're saying, there's less crime around this building because it's a major smuggling and contraband operation?" Judy muttered in complete disbelief at her own words- as she said them. "With its own muscle, a-and everything."

"Not major." Nick clarified. "It's above a few vans selling fake tickets to Shakira Gazelle concerts, but a few bar's lower than what they're selling at Amazoo."

"B-Bu-But why here?" Judy stammered, utterly bamboozled. "Why Grand Pangolin Arms Apartments? There's nothing special about this place."

"Which makes it a pretty good location for a smuggling operation." Nick pointed out. "Don't know if this turned up in that term paper you gave to your folks, but the basem*nt is connected to the city sewer system. Completely out of sight. Perfect for distribution in under-town."

"N-No. No, I don't believe this." Judy shook her head, indignant. Pointing at her sly, lying, ex-conman partner. "You made all that up. Which, is pretty impressive, actually. Didn't know you had that kinda imagination."

"I do, but not lying. Look around." Nick said, pointing to the rest of the bleak, dark, and infested hallway. "Half the apartments are vacant. No way the place is keeping the lights on from the rent of its tenants."

"Okay, humoring you- and that's all." Judy folded her arms at her partner. "But if that's true, why did the slum lord that owns this place accept my application when I moved in. I marked 'police officer' as my profession. Kinda dumb when you’re actively doing organized crime in the same buildilng."

"Uhhh, carrots." Nick coughed, politely. Like he was about to say something dead obvious. "You're the first rabbit on the force. In a place like GPA, people lie about what they do for a living all the time just to get a legal address. That slum lord either didn't believe you, didn't do the background check, or just thought you'd just drop out."

"Alright, that last part sounds true enough." Judy sighed, a little insulted. "Should we contact Chief Bogo? Have the whole building searched."

"GPA specializes in merch that's illegal, but that's not worth the time of day to march down here and shut it down." Nick shook his head in the negative. "Last I heard, they had a weed farm down below. But in the modern day, no one cares about marijuana anymore. It's all but legal in the state. Hell, we're a couple of cops- we passed a CBD store on the way over here. At best, Chief Bogo might send a city inspector to come look at the place- one bribe later, A+ rating on the window."

"Are you telling me, I've been living in a criminal equivalent of a dollar store- this whole time?" Judy said, an angry storm cloud appeared above her head. Lightning and thunder shooting out.

"Yup!" Nick laughed, the look on the adorable rabbit's face was priceless. "A historical and famous one at that. The whole neighborhood knows about it. I bet half the people around work here. Aren't you the Zootopia nerd? How did you not know this?"

"I-I-I studied official, on the books stuff." Judy spat, defensively. "Records posted by the city itself. Podcasts on Zoo-tube. Documentaries on the dang history channel and Neflocks. Not the criminal stuff that doesn't make on TV." The rabbit girl grumbled, annoyed and embarrassed. Then her eyes shot open- a light bulb appeared over her head. She pointed at Nick. "Y-You did business here, didn't you? Back during your con-man days."

"Great way to get cheap merch." Nick shrugged. A smug smile on his face. Judy pouted, folding her arms at him. "Hey, don't look at me like that. I've been in plugged into the criminal world my whole life. Been living in the literal underground for half of it. It was the whole reason we met- in case you forgot, Ms. super-cop. You should be surprised If I didn't know all this stuff."

"Nick..." Judy grumbled, rubbing the bridge of her nose. Clearly annoyed out of her mind- and a little impressed. "If you're so smart, why don't you teach a class?"

"Oh, historical crime stuff- sure." Nick nodded, liking the idea. But that wasn't what his partner was really asking. "But I've been out of the game too long for any of it to matter bout something current. Even a month unplugged- you'd be hopelessly out of date on the game."

"The game?" Judy asked, curious- and amused. "What, are their points for 'crime-ing'?"

"Yeah, it's called money." Nick joked. Judy rolled her eyes, laughing. She couldn't help herself. "That is what it's called out on the streets. Didn't you watch 'the wire' growing up? Ask around at the department. Its the reason half of 'em became cops."

"The wire?" Judy asked, putting on a confused look.

"Do they even have TV's in the sticks?" Nick asked, baffled. Judy tried to keep a straight face- it was hard. "Seriously, how do you not kno- Oh, you're messing with me."

Judy burst out laughing.

"So-Sorry. Its ju-just..." Judy pointed at the dull, annoyed look Nick was giving her. "Yo-You're face. Sooo good!"

"Yeah. Yeah." Nick sighed, waving her on. "Get it all out."

"Al-Alright." Judy sighed, back- after one final snort. "But someday soon- you're taking me on a criminal tour of the city. Everything you know or heard about. I wanna know all the ins and out of Zootopia from the other side of the law."

"I'll bring the stolen popcorn."

Nick shook his head, completely serious, as the two finished their way to Judy's apartment. The inside matched the outside pretty good. Just as bleak and dirty as you'd expect. The only real surprise? It was cramped as all hell. Enough space for a desk, min-fridge with a microwave on top of it, and a couch. That last one took up most of it. One room. No more. Not even a closet. Nick nodded. Doing his best to be polite.


"Get on with the jokes, I've heard'em all." Judy rolled her eyes as she went into her home. Nick looked down, enjoying the sway of his partner's hips. The sweet girl didn't even know she was doing it- which made it even better. "I was surprised too. Doesn't meet current zoning codes, but when it was first built- yeah. Which... isn't good. Livestock stalls back at my family's farm had more room than this storage cubby."

"About that." Nick said, curious, as he walked in. Hoisting his police issue sea-bag of all his new gear on his shoulder. "What was grown at the Hopps family farm? Sure, carrots. Pretty easy guess, but you just said livestock."

"Ostriches." Judy answered bluntly, pulling out some paper plates from behind the microwave. Dumping her spring rolls on it. "Where do you think the meat for your take-out comes from? Oh, and eggs. Don't forget the eggs."

"Ostriches?" Nick asked, disbelieving. "The bird that can run as fast as a car and one-shot lions with a single kick... and Rabbits, mammals who's only defense to danger, is running away. You're family, is farming them? You farmed them?"

"We're really low to the ground." Judy explained, in the tone of someone who'd had to say it her whole life. It actually surprised the fox that the 'ready for anything, I'm gonna fight about it' Bunny girl wasn't offended. "Those dino-knock off's kicks need to be high for it to matter. Otherwise, it feels like a push. Plus, rabbits can actually run as fast as those things. Soooo... yeah."

"As fast as..." Nick shook his head, amazed. The fox looked up and down his partner. Fully impressed. "I knew you had some killer legs, but damn."

Judy smiled at that. Her cheeks blushing. The bunny girl stretched out her left leg for her partner. Her hand gripping her ankle, sliding up those smooth curves and thick thighs. When she got all the way up, Judy turned around. Hand on her ass. She even pulled her pants up. Squeezing the fabric against her body. Making her big behind look even better- Judy put a bow on it. A smack. Her behind jiggled in those blue leggings.

"Ohhhhh, you torture me." Nick grumbled. Holding in a mating call- he didn't want to wake the neighbors... or the smuggling operation downstairs. Judy snorted, handing Nick a plate. "That the only thing you farm there? It sounds expensive and... dangerous. I don't care how spin it. Those devil pigeons are scary."

"The great con-man Nick Wilde is scared of something. Mark down the date and time." Judy laughed, biting into her first spring roll. Nick gave her a level look. Judy shrugged. "Yeah, we grow plants too. Hops. The stuff used for beer. There's a major brewing plant on the 'Hopps' Family farm."

Judy said that last part pulling out a can from the mini-fridge. Handing it to her partner. The fox looked at it.

"Hopps? Nick asked, his eyes jumping out of his head from sheer surprise. The fox pointed at the bunny. "Your family, grows stuff for Hopps? Thee oldest brewing company in the country? Or... are you really telling me you're-"

"Yup." Judy nodded, nonchalantly taking another bite. "I am Judy Hopps of the Hopps brewing dynasty. My family's been selling beer since 1892. Still going strong. Did you not know that?"

"Uh, no. I did not know that." Nick answered, incredulous. The fox pointed at the rabbit. "You're loaded? What are you doing here? You're a crusader type, so I can see you wanting to be a cop in the big city- but, why Pangolin Apartments? You could've gotten a penthouse in a damn skyscraper if you wanted."

"My 'family' is loaded." Judy explained. "I'm not even part of the main family. My group are distant cousins to the 'Real' Hopps that run the company in town. My bunch more or less just grow the crops."

"You're not gonna tell me you're poor, are you?" Nick asked, waiting for her answer.

"I wanted to make my own way." Judy rolled her eyes. "But yes, if I ever needed some emergency cash- One phone call later, bam. I got it."

"Not gonna lie, part of me respects you for go'n solo on hardcore mode- being a cop." Nick nodded, chomping down his first spring roll in one go. His fangs stabbing into the bar of veggies. His predator eyes on the prey animal in front of him. The rabbit girl bit her lip at that. The fox squinted at her. "But seriously, I know people who would actually kill for just a piece of your connections and resources. All of the city and half the country chugs down a can with your name on it, every day."

"Can you guess why I didn't feel like advertising that part of my backstory?" Judy asked, cracking open the can that had her family name stamped on it. The child of a dynasty took a sip.

"Just one guess, or a whole list?" Nick asked, opening the can that Judy gave him. Sipping it- it was good. "I get it. Hard enough joining the police department as some random bunny from the sticks. Knowing you're an heiress on top of that- oh boy. Youd've been the department's mascot from day one. The higher ups at Headquarters would've done everything they could to squeeze money and PR from your family and their company... or just score free beer."

"Yup." Judy nodded, hitting the spring rolls again. "After the 'Incident' and the town hero thing- Ms. Super cop got a call from the main family in town that runs the company. Wanted to decide if they were gonna get involved in the PR circus that's happening right now. Big O'l nope for that. The whole 'working class' hero that pulled herself up by her bootstraps was a better sell and less of a headache for everyone involved."

"That's a lot to take in. Muhhh, I'm getting a headache." Nick admitted, rubbing his temple. "Just be ready for that Neflocks special with your name on it- that will be coming. It'll either double down on the 'farm yokel' that saved the city, or the 'silver spoon' boos baroness that muscled out the competition."

"Oh yeah, that's gonna suck." Judy grumbled, but in a tone of someone that saw trouble coming. Then she shot Nick an inquisitive look. "Did you honestly not know I was from the Hopps brewing family? Everyone in town knows that company. You said so yourself."

"Judy, no one expects to meet a celebrity. Let alone work with them- and you were a cop of all things. Since when do the rich get their hands dirty?" Nick asked, hitting his spring rolls again. "Its kinda like Commissioner Jim Dingordon learning The bat-hound is Ace Wayne."

"Would you believe I was more of a Spider-ham and Darkwing Duck fan growing up?" Judy admitted, finishing her spring rolls. Her tone a bit heavier than before. Deepness to her voice. "Pretty much every other superhero was some big or scary predator. At least those guys were small- and yes. I did put on the badge, hoping somewhere down the line comics would start writing Rabbit heroes. Sooo, yeah. Start tossing out the jokes about how cliché that sounds."

"Oh yeah, that line is totally going in the special. Hell, it’ll be the first thing in the dang trailer." Nick joked. Judy snorted at it as the fox walked over- kissed the side of her head. The rabbit raised an eyebrow at her partner. He smiled back. The two hugged- right there in their one room they now shared. It was warm. It was welcomed. Even a bit of love in there. When they broke way, They kept their hands together. "It'll come out years down the line. Probably when you're campaigning for a seat at police headquarters- or worse, going for Mayor."

"Mayor?" Judy asked, shocked. "N-No, no, no. I am not getting into politics."

"I can see the hate mail fludding in- and the fan mail too." Nick nodded, finishing off his plate. "Bags and bags of it. Dropped right in your tiny, thick lap. Some of it written in blood. All about the Gal with the Key to the city in her back pocket being a phony and a superhero- at the same time!"

"Oh, cheese and crackers. I can see that happening." Judy said, holding her mouth shut. Visibly keeping down what she just ate. "That is the last thing I wanna talk about. I didn't invite you to be my roommate and share my 'darkest' secret so you could give me nightmares."

"No, It was to give you panic attacks from claustrophobia." Nick said, spreading his arms out and touching both of the far walls of the tiny one-room apartment. "I know the city's gonna get us a new place for the hero thing, but I know plenty of abandoned places bigger than this we could just squat in til we get settled."

"Nick." Judy shook her head in the negative. "I know you're new to the whole 'honesty' living thing- but 'hanging your hat' where you officially state as your residence on your W-2 is part of that."

"Fine." Nick sighed, holding up his police Sea-bag. It was bigger than his torso. "Where Can I put my stuff? It takes up a lot of space-wait, where's your stuff?"

Judy, for her part, walked over to the couch. It was old. Fuzzy. It was a terrible kind of murky blue color- And the rabbit opened it. The thing was a fold out couch. Judy's own sea-bag was tucked under the springs. Snapping the bed part in place, Judy grabbed her partner's sea-bag and tucked it under the thin material. On the floor. Barely fit, but it fit. But now there was even less room inside the apartment. Just a small strip to side-walk your way to the door. The bunny girl hopped on the fold out bed- almost bouncing off it. Those springs were still spry- and loud. Judy patted the space next to her.

The fox looked at the strip. The edge of the fold out part was an inch away from the exit.

"Can the door even open?"

"Nope." Judy shrugged, pointing at the door. "But, no lock. Soooo, gives some kinda protection."

"You're in a good mood."

Nick smiled at his partner. Sliding into the spot she let open for him. Doing it careful, didn't wanna bounce them both off it. Still, they were cramped on that thing. The fox's feet hung off at the end. When the two got to sleeping on the thing, they'd have to do some tiny twister action just to avoid falling off. Not that Nick minded. The bunny was snugly- and jiggly. Nick learned that the fun way when Judy decided not to fight him for space, but to just slide on the fox. Use him as a mattress- less lumpy. Even doing a little waggle to set herself right- They both loved that part.

"Sooo...full disclosure, I wouldn't be liv'n here if not for you." Nick said, sliding his arms around his cute partner's waist. God, she was warm- and soft. Her big behind was right at the exact best spot it could be. Nick grumbled, holding in a mating call. Judy looked up, smirking at the fox. Smug. She earned it. "You gonna tell me how someone from farm-land takes to living in a sardine can better than a local city boy?"

"I'm a rabbit. Stereotypes suck, but having huge family's is a thing for bunnies." Judy shrugged. "Personally, I've slept in the barn more often than not growing up. More room- and privacy. Even if those devil pigeons stared at me all night."

"So, you really were a full-on farm girl?" Nick asked.

"Yup!" Judy laughed. "Old coveralls turned into cut-off short shorts. Flannel shirts tied into knots. The o'l field hand's sports bra. Oh, and a couple of decades milking the animals of the 'precious nectar'." The bunny girl said, her tone extra teasing. Sultry. Sensually, as she gripped an imaginary something with both hands. Pumping up and down- squeezing. Nick gulped at that- he couldn't help it. Judy pulled her hands away. Her smirk getting even smugger. "And I left that all behind."

"Ohhhhhh- Ghrrrr..."

Nick groaned, slamming his jaw shut. Clamping it down with his paws. A deep, chirping mating call trying to force its way out. Nick did everything he could to keep it in. Judy, the little minx, giggled away as she ground her bottom on his lap. Her cheeks as red as his fur. Nick grabbed Judy's waist, holding her in place. The fox leaned down. His fangs pressing against her soft, round, plump face. Her long rabbit ears perked up as high and stiff as the fox had ever seen them. He whispered into her. His voice deep, angry, and *hungry*.

"You tease me." Nick said, licking up Judy's ear. The long, thin, rough tongue of a predator scraped and smothered her. From base to tip. Nick could feel Judy shivering in his hands, on his lap. Her lips quivering. Her heart racing. Her legs rubbing together, frantically. Through force of pure instinct. Nick chuckled. "I thought I was the master of the bait and switch."

The fox blew into the rabbit's ear.

"Yo-Yo-You're the ma-master of a lo-lot of things." Judy stammered, failing to catch her breath.

The bunny bouncing in Nick's hands like a rubber ball. Judy caught herself. Finally noticing her knees jittering together like they were battery powered. The rabbit pulled Nick's hands away and jumped off the fold-out bed- off of him. The bunny girl sputtered her way to the mini-fridge. Her thick, athletic, muscly legs barely under her control. Bouncing away with each step. A curious Nick raised an eyebrow as Judy pulled out a water bottle from the fridge and dumped its cool contents down her face. The rabbit girl did that not once. Not twice. She kept going til the bottle was empty. When it was finally over, Judy took long, deep breaths. Audibly counting to ten. Her eyes closed.

"Ju-Just giv-give me a minute."

Judy breathed. Her legs finally stopped jittering. Her cool, gray fur dripping on the floor. Her warm, Navy blue ZPD T-shirt soaking wet. Clung to her body. Hugging her trim figure. Nick looked down. Getting an eye full- shaking his head. He needed to focus.

"Something wrong?" Nick asked, honestly curious. "Wanted a little payback there. Didn't mean to cause all... this."

"N-Nick, we... we're friends, right?" Judy asked, her tone nervous. The bunny girl was looking everywhere *but* at the fox. "Ju-Just curious."

"Well, you did ask the Mayor himself to get me into the police academy when even Chief Bogo said it was impossible..." Nick shrugged, his tone sarcastic. "Then you invited me here to be your roommate when I graduated and had nowhere to live. Oh, and we did save the city together. Sooo, yeah. I'd say we're friends."

"G-Good. Ju-Just being clear..." Judy said. Her ears flopping and twisting everywhere. Like they didn't know where to go or what to do with themselves. Judy grabbed her long, restless ears. Pulled them down. Held them. Like a child holding a blanket for comfort, about to ask for something she wants. "Ahhhh, another question: You-You've been, around. Right?"

"Around?" Nick laughed. A teasing, if confused, smirk on his face.

"Chee-Cheese and crackers, are you gonna make me say it?" Judy spat, at her wits end. Her huge bunny eyes wide. Her knees rubbing together again.

"Yes. Judy." Nick nodded, slowly. Calmly. Sniffing the room. A certain new scent in the air. It was coming from Judy. From a certain somewhere below her belt. Nick turned his body to face Judy. Leaning on his elbow as he lay on a bed that was not his own. "I've known a few beds that weren't mine. Back seats of cars. Back allies. Storage closets. What of it?"

"How about- can't believe I'm asking this- bunny girls?"

Judy asked, her face burning red. It cost her something inside to say that. The shade of red on her face deepened when Nick shook his head- his smile growing. Judy's pupils took up her whole eyes. The rabbit looked as if she had violet jewels, shining in their place. Her wet gray fur had fluffed, right there. The gray bunny's white hands jittered. Sputtering closed and twitching open as the rabbit girl hopped on her heels. Her feet never leaving the floor. To Nick, Judy looked less like the collected, daring woman he knew- and more like an animal from the wilds of old. About to charge him.


Nick said, getting nervous himself. The fox had never seen this before. It was enough, apparently. The rabbit police officer blinked herself back to normal. Grabbing the desk to force herself down. Though her face was still red and mouth a gibbering mess.

"So-Sorry. I-Its just that, when I moved to the city, my mo-mom made me promise to wa-warn any bo-boys about... so-something."

"I feel like I'm in high school." Nick sighed. The fox padded the bed the bunny girl had slept on since leaving home. "Judy, we're both adults here. We can drink and drive and everything. Got our own place, no less. No pressure. No fear. We're just two friends about to watch a movie. We just happen to be sitting on your only piece of furniture together."

"B-B-But Ni-Nick." Judy stammered, jittering back over to him. "I-I should re-really war-warn you about a bunny girl's fir-"

"Yes, Judy." Nick shook his head. He didn't want to hurt his friend's feelings, but her routine was getting old. Nick hadn't had to deal with something like this since he dropped out at 17. "I'm sure Ma Hopps from the farm had lots to say about fox city boys. Let's just watch the movie and enjoy our day."

"O-Oka-Wow." Judy yipped as Nick grabbed her off the ground and plopped her on to of him. Exactly where the bunny girl was before. Her cushy behind right on his lap. Gushy and wet this time- from the water. "N-Nick. So-So, what do you wa-wanna see?"

"Well, can't go wrong with the history channel." Nick said, pulling out Judy's laptop. Opening it on her knees. A field of carrots opened up on the screen. Giving a clue at the bottom. "Favorite food? What's your password?"

"Do you really have to ask?" Judy gave Nick a level look. "I say it all the time."

"Cheese and crackers, huh. Okay. You drink that with your carrot whine?" Nick asked, tapping enter- The room filled with shrieks and shouts. Panting and slamming. Bodies bouncing. A predator on top of a prey. A fox man and a bunny girl. "Oh my word! What is this?"

Nick sat there. A mad grin on his face. Judy on top of him, frozen. Her ears slamming down. Curling up and twisting behind her. Both their eyes focused on the mating mad fox man, utterly rutting into the mewling bunny girl below him.

"Look at that title: Caveman times, Fox and Rabbit." Nick laughed, pointing at the top of the screen. "Judy, you dirty girl."

"It's a documentary!" Judy shot back, took quickly.

"Of what, the birds and the bees?" Nick asked, pausing the video. The progression bar was about halfway through. The naked and hard fox was holding down the dripping wet bunny girl. Her eyes crossed, tongue drooping out of her mouth. Exhausted, but f*ck happy out of her mind. The fox man clearly had much- much more to go. The girl was in for a long night. "The Dick-scovery channel. That is one crazy typo. You just know the network is gonna get some crazy hate mail from the grammar nerds."

"I-I usually get up at dawn." Judy explained, her blush back. Fiddling with her fingers, embarrassed. "I didn't have to pick you up til mid-morning. I had time to kill. Sooo..."

"Soooo, the cop hero that blushed herself silly at a nudist club- checks out p*rn first thing in the morning. Okay.... " Nick smiled, increasing the volume. "Lets watch."

"Nick, no."

"What's the problem?" Nick asked, restarting the video. "It's just a harmless documentary- right?

"Harmless..." Judy muttered, pulling up her legs against her chest. Wrapping her arms under her knees. "Right."

Nick hit play.

A narration started announcing the set-up in the background. A terrible fake English accent. Something about a fox trying to get food before fire and clothes were invented- but expensive haircuts and bad manscaping had been, apparently. The fox guy was stomping about. Claws out. Snarling- loudly. Already hard! The bunny girl, just sitting there. Waiting for him. Big eyes. Bigger behind. Decent boob job. The acting was bad. The set was cheap. But the actors were good-looking and naked, soooo...

"Gotta tell ya." Nick shook his head, really hoping Judy didn't pay for this. "Really surprised you're into this."

"But it's so hot!" Judy cheered, her eyes laser focused on the screen. Her blush deepening. "Being all stalked as a prey by a big, muscly predator... Caught in his powerful grasp... Totally at his mercy! Nnngh!"

Judy Hopps. Police officer. Hero of the city. And Heiress- purred in Nick's lap. Licking her lips.

"You...You were wet when we scammed Bellwether, weren't you." Nick asked, confident in the answer as he leaned into the back of the couch-bed. The rabbit girl in his lap pressed into him. Her back into his front. Nuzzling her head up under Nick's chin. Rubbing her big, plushy bunny booty into his lap. The fox could feel the Rabbit dripping onto him- from the water. "Weren't you?"

"... Sopping." Judy admitted, her knees rubbing together against her chest as the fox crossed his legs below her. A certain *something* now poking into her- between the bunny girl's legs. "Nick, don't lie..." Judy purred, sliding her finger down- tapping what was poking her. The fox twitched under the rabbit. "You were hard."

"Ma-Maybe. Y-You make it pretty easy, sometimes." Nick admitted, enlarging the video so it took up the entire screen as Judy grabbed him by the snout. Pulling him down to her face. "Y-You're just so, c-confident. And I AM a fox, bunny girl."

"Grrm, c'mere!" Judy ordered, yanking Nick's head down next to hers. The rabbit officer nuzzled her nose into his cheek and neck. Inhaling his scent. "Mmmf! Smexy, foxy-boy smell!"

"Didn't take you for a sniffer." The fox snorted, amused. Sliding Judy's laptop off of him as her body flinched and twitched in his arms. Her nose still snorting into his fur. "Shouldn't I be doing that, prey girl?"

It wasn't a serious question- but it was something worth thinking about. The two lived in a city filled to the brim with different animal people from all around the world. Not just different cultures and traditions, but different biomes and biologies. Some races legit couldn't get into the 'mood' without the chemical marker from an active mate sending out signals. Back in the days of yore, where cave-mammals marked trees and rocks not just with the 'it's mine' signal, but with the 'I'm lonely' signal. In the modern day, where entire industries exist to not just meet but overwhelm the challenges of their ancestors- The mating market was no different.

Sooo, it *might* be a coincidence that Nick tried out his new '*karat* gold' cologne that he bought with his first pay-check from the police department that morning. Just before Judy picked him up.

Might be.

"G-Give's me goosebumps." Judy sputtered, her gray fur fluffing over in a wave. The bunny girl stretched her body out, twitching every inch. The tips of Judy's toes barely met Nick's ankles. Judy, still nuzzling- sniffing into him. "Ohhh, tingles my spi-spine."

"And probably triggering a primitive fight or flight adrenal rush..."

"Nnnnf! It's like huffing paint!" Judy purred, her eyes glazed over. Her lips pecking Nick's face in a stupor.

Nick smirked, smug, as he enjoyed the snugly kisses. Grabbing Judy by the waist with both hands. Sliding his right up, and up- the fox yipped as the bunny girl's stretched stiff legs closed shut. His hard meat sandwiched between her thighs. Fabric of their pants and all. They both looked down, predator and prey. A bump of blue denim the size of Judy's fist was poking through her thick, meaty, upper legs. Pressing against her heated, wet, center. The both of them twitching. One, her whole body. The other, just a single part. Judy wrapped one foot around the other, locking her in place. Nick grumbled a blessing as he paused the video.

"W-Well, look at that."

"Wha-Hey!" Judy cried, shoving Nick's hand away. Grabbing her laptop. Glaring at Nick.

"What? You're not watching it anymore sooo..." Nick asked, shrugging. "Its distracting." Judy continued her glare. He sighed. "Fine, we'll keep watching. Give it back."

Judy kept it away. The rabbit girl rolling off the fox man. Sliding to his side. Holding her laptop behind her head. A naughty little smirk on her face.

"Whatcha gonna do if I refuse?" The bunny girl teased, scooting bit by bit away from the fox. She hit the wall pretty quick. Wasn't much room.

Nick, for his part, looked down at Judy Hopps. His partner, friend, and now- roommate. The fox man looked at the odd position the bunny girl was in. On her back. Legs stretched out- opening up her entire body to him. Her arms pulled back, grabbing the wall. Her long ears darted back. Judy's violet eyes and sharp, pointed tit* focused forward- at him- in a challenge.

Nick's green eyes darted to the laptop in her hand. The video still paused, Judy was positioned exactly like the bunny girl. The fox man understood.

Smirking, Nick rolled over on all fours. Crawling toward his prey. Growling. A heated blush on his face. Lips pulled back in an amused snarl. White, jagged fangs open to the world. His pointed, focused snout on the mattress. Tracking, sniffing- audibly inhaling the wet trail in its material. The fox smelled something: Vulpine velvet perfume. Nick Wilde, police officer and hero to a city- doing the exact thing fox man in the movie just did. Hunting his 'prey'. The bunny girl, scooting away- just enough to call it a chase. Until she'd pinned herself against a wall.

Nick stopped. His nose still to the ground. An inch from Judy's toes. She giggled.

"What, huh?" Judy challenged, her chest puffing up and down. Her pointed tit* bouncing with every breath. "Whatcha gonna do?"

"Judy." Nick said. His voice soft, low- *hungry*. A rumbling growl in his throat. Judy licked her lips. Her violet pupils, pulsing in her eyes. "I'm warning you."

"Oh, you gonna go all savage on me?" Judy asked, tapping the ends of her long bunny feet on Nick's snout. Stopping him. That same naughty grin on her face- blushing red. Violet eyes were glowing now.

To Nick, this was quite the sight.

Judy was pretty. Most rabbits were. Famous for their cute faces, small bodies, and fit frames. Judy as no exception. She didn't just meet the standard- she raced past it. Judy's legs were thick and curvy. Born and trained for quick grace and flexible power. Thick, round and curved like a box spring. Especially her thighs. As wide and strong as steel girders. Judy's bunny behind? Big, rotund, and hard like a medicine ball. Wide hips but a thin, taught stomach of a professional runner. Judy had a modest chest, but defined. With sharp, pointed nipples.

Nick Wilde, the fox- growled.

"Ohhh...Predator the fudge outta me?" Judy purred, Nick clawed a line in the bedsheet. Judy bit her lip. "I dare you."

The rabbit's finger twitched, hitting the play button on the laptop. Neither looked at the screen, but the audio was still playing.

*"Suddenly, the predator pounces..."*

So Nick did. Grabbing Judy's mid-section, holding her in place. His clawed hands taking up most of her little boxy torso. His thumbs just under her pointed tit*. Judy yipped in surprise. The wet spot between her legs becoming that much darker- and scent stronger.

"Ohhh... Oh, cheese and crackers." Judy stammered, her legs twitching. Her ears flopping down. The rabbit girl biting her lip as the fox man forced his pointed, snarling face through her legs. His sharp, white, predator fangs biting hard on the zipper of her leggings. Nick growled as he tugged the zipper down. Exposing Judy's pink panties. They were dripping. "Y-You're really gonna..."

*"His prey seized and nature takes its course..."*

Grabbing the hem of Judy's leggings, Nick yanked them clean off. Tossing them thoughtlessly behind him. Leaving the bunny girl in just her panties and ZPD T-Shirt. Nick wasted no time. With his tongue alone, the fox moved aside the soaked pink cotton- and went to work. His hands wrapped around Judy's thighs, Nick started with a long, wet, lick. Base bottom to tippy-top. Putting extra focus on that little, stress filled nub he found.

"C-Clever fox t-tongue." Judy mumbled. Her face a pink mess. Her eyes half-closed, glazed over. Jaw open. Her own bunny tongue hanging out, panting. The fox was relentless, forcing her locked bunny box open wide- and that thing was crazy tight, if well lubed. "Th-Those vic-visious licks." Judy stammered, her left leg twitching its way up toward her head. Judy's right leg curling at the knee. All through sheer nerves. The bunny body just couldn't help it. The fox growling, deeply- ferociously, all the while. His angry, starving, green eyes on her ravaged violet ones. "NGHH! Your growling makes me so wet!!!

Nick smirked, gliding his rough predator tongue inside the bustling bunny girl's flesh den. Swirling his slithering meat inside her. Quickly filling Judy up. Her body was already tiny compared to his. That part of her was never meant for meat so large- and that wasn't even what Judy wanted in there- yet. Judy slammed her head back, smaking against the wall. Her slanted eyes forced wide open. Dropping her laptop on the floor harmlessly. Shutting it.

"Oh, Oh Nick." Judy panted, hardly getting any air in her lungs. Her eyes staring off hard into nothing. "Oh Nick. Oh. Nick. Oh Nick... I'm-"

Judy didn't get to finish. Suddenly, Nick the fox man quickly slid out of her and roared- pouncing on the fox girl. Grabbing her arms, holding her down. His open jaw, clamping gently on Judy's neck. Judy herself laid there in his arms. A low, breathless whine escaping her lungs. Nick pulled away, looking down at her. Judy's whole body was vibrating- her fur fluffing in waves. Eyes clamping shut. Fingers digging into the couch-bed. Legs jolting randomly. A soft stream of clear liquid trailing down her c*nt.

"Whoa, Hey." Nick pleaded, cradling Judy's spasming head in his hand. The same with her leg. "You okay, sweetie?"

"I-I, F-I-I-INE!" Judy answered through clenched teeth. Clearly not fine.

"Oh, Judy." Nick said, worried. "This what you were trying to tell me abou-"

"Pleez, Niiiick..." Judy panted, no breath in her lungs. "P-Put it in... While I'm sti-Still..."

"Awww. You wanna cum with a nice fully puss*?" Nick smirked, all worry and fear gone. Judy squeaked an affirmative. The fox snorted as he grabbed her big bunny booty with both hands. Strong and firm- huge. He couldn't get it all. But Nick did press his free member against her entrance and pulled himself inside her. Judy purred a breathless blessing. Her tiny, compact bunny puss* filled past the breaking point with hard, hungry, predator meat. "There you go, sweetie. Oh, still twitching, huh?"

Judy was. The fox had never seen a rabbit org*sm before. It was quite the sight. Nick pressed the flinching bunny girl on her flat on her back. The fox slid up Judy's T-shirt, passed her chest. The fox man enjoyed the round, perky buds. The sharp, pink nipples. Nick growled again.

"Yeah. Thick co*ck inside you..." Nick hummed, harsh and smoky. His snout on her collar bone- exhaling as he opened his mouth. Started licking up her neck. "Hot breath on your neck. Tongue... And flex!"

Nick the fox man started lifting and pulsing with his man-meat alone.

Still inside her.

Just like that, something snapped.

Judy jolted back to life. Grabbing Nick by his shirt collar and yanking his face to her own. Smooching him hard and deep. Her tiny bunny tongue invading his. Shoving the little appendage as deep into his fanged jaw as it could go. That wasn't all, the little rabbit wrapped her muscle filled, steel girder strength legs around his waist. Pinning him onto of her. Doing her best to yank him more inside, but the fox was already at her limit. Not all of him could even go in. Looking down, Nick could see Judy's eyes were entirely blank. Through Leg, core, and back muscles alone- The bunny girl was trying to hop herself on his meat- while under him.

Judy?" Nick asked, afraid. His hands on the pull-out mattress. Trying to pull away. The rabbit was too strong. She had him pinned. "You sti-still in there?"

She was not. Judy Hopps had left the building. In her place was a rabbit woman filled with stress and raw nerves- demanding a long overdue release that only he could provide... at least, that's what her body decided as it kept hopping and humping herself silly on his dick.

'Overdid it. She's gone savage.' Nick thought, his mouth still pinned to Judy's. He tried to tug away, but the fox girl simply refused to let go. 'Bunny style.'

Nick didn't know how long the two were like that. But eventually he managed to get his mouth free at least. Though, only because the rabbit girl wanted a new position. Gripping Nick's knees with her hands- an iron grip of pure need. While her steel rabbit legs were still wrapped around his fox thighs and her spring like feet behind his back. The instinct driven bunny girl was FULLY in charge. Completely in control. Entirely dictating what was happening. Pushing and pulling the fox man inside her. His co*ck never leaving her flesh cave. A wet vice, turned flesh compacter. Doing all it could to compress Nick's man-meat.

Nick himself was standing on his knees. Leaning on the back of the couch-sofa. Utterly at her mercy. Holding onto it for dear life as he sailed past yet another org*sm. A fresh wave of white pulsed inside the rabid bunny girl below him- and she noticed. Another spasm overtaking her. Cumming what was left of her brains out. If any.

"P-Please, carrots." Nick stammered, out of breath. "I sw-swear I'm dry." He didn't have much time. Judy's org*sms was when her body locked up. Her desperate impaling on his co*ck ceased. Allowing Nick some chance to breath. "Sn-Snap out of it."

She did not.

'Overdid it. She's gone savage.' Nick thought, his mouth still pinned to Judy's. He tried to tug away, but the fox girl simply refused to let go. 'Bunny style.'

Nick didn't know how long the two were like that. The more he tried to struggle, break free. The more the bunny girl clamped down on him. In every way. Nick's teeth now know what Judy's teeth feel like. The fox man tried using his hands. Overpower her little paws around his neck. Judy was strong- she was. But most of her strength was in her core and legs. Nick could tell, if he really tried, he could break her hold. But doing so might've hurt Judy. Nick wasn't prepared for that. Even if Judy was squeezing him so much... something was gonna snap.

Nick had to do what he always did in a pinch- be clever. Using his hands, the only part of him still free, Nick started feeling around the bunny girl's touch starved body. Sliding his paws up the sides, the second Nick nudged Judy's small round tit*- she broke her hold on him. Pushing Nick off of her- but not letting him go. Oh, and ripping his green Hawaiian shirt doing it.

That was when the little bunny went into overdrive. Her solid white eyes focused on his shredded fox torso. His newly carved six-pack and taut stomach. Judy slid her long bunny legs and feet down from Nick's back to his behind- just under the fox's tail. Judy's slender arms tugging at him to. One sliding under his leg. The other over it. Digging her paws in his thighs. Holding Nick in place.

Much like before. Nick tried to move. Escape. Contribute. Anything. Nick could do nothing. The bunny cop had complete control. Nick knew that when he felt himself cumming inside his partner's tiny puss*. They had just started, not even a full minute in- and Nick emptying his balls inside of her. The fox himself was a little amazed by that. Not the org*sm itself- that was natural enough. But the fact that Judy was *so* TIGHT. The bunny girl was squeezing him so compactly, Nick couldn't move inside of her. Nick didn't even know how his little swimmers were pushing through the pressure and punching out of him.

But he could feel it- and so could Judy.

The bunny girl was giggling a mad storm below him. A goofy, drunk smile on Judy's face as she swirled her ears mindlessly on the mattress. A fresh gush of bunny girl juice splashed over 'officer wilde'. To his added surprise, it didn't stop there. Unlike all his other partners up until then, Judy didn't freeze up or body spasm from an org*sm. If anything, the bunny girl dialed it up a notch. Her legs pulling him. Her hands pushing him. Her flesh cave squeezing him. All a level harder than before. Faster. Before his first org*sm was even done, Judy squeezed out another load. Rope after rope of fresh Fox baby gravy punched into the rabbit's warren.

But eventually he managed to get his mouth free at least. Though, only because the rabbit girl wanted a new position. Gripping Nick's knees with her hands- an iron grip of pure need. While her steel rabbit legs were still wrapped around his fox thighs and her spring like feet behind his back. The instinct driven bunny girl was FULLY in charge. Completely in control. Entirely dictating what was happening. Pushing and pulling the fox man inside her. His co*ck never leaving her flesh cave. A wet vice, turned flesh compacter. Doing all it could to compress Nick's man-meat.

Clearly, Judy liked that position. On her back. A predator above her. Pumping her full of his seed. As Judy stayed there for a few more loads. Arching her back. Pushing out her bunny boobs. Squeezing her foxy man so close to her that Nick wasn't even moving inside her anymore. It was all about pressure now. Not movement or friction.

Nick, for his part, did try feeling around for freedom again. But... he was pinned. Forced to hold onto the back of the couch just to stay up. More and more of his fresh out of the academy, muscly, body getting buzz numb by the second.

"P-Please, carrots." Nick stammered, out of breath, as he emptied another load. Barely a trickle this time. "I sw-swear I'm dry." He didn't have much time. Judy's org*sms was when her body at least kinda slowed down. Her desperate impaling on his co*ck skipped a step. Allowing Nick some chance for breath. "Sn-Snap out of it."

Judy did not. The bunny girl was working her legs so much, Nick could've sworn he could see steam. No. Nick did see steam. Not just on her- him. The couch. The whole room was turning into a sauna. Judy Hopps truly was a machine. Her heart, an engine. Her muscles, hydraulic presses. Her flesh cave- a wet, vice, vacuum cleaner. All meant for one thing and one thing only- Milking every last drop of baby gravy out of her mate.

Judy Hopps was doing that.

"Tight. Merciless. puss*!"

Nick spat. Literally. Little spittle dripped out the sides of his mouth. The Bunny girl below the fox man started buckling into him. All but trying bounce him off her and the bed. But she was simply too tight to do it. No! Worse. Judy managed to envelop another inch of his predator co*ck inside her. Her flesh cave squeezing harder than before. Even less room. Every played that children's toy. Trying to make the shapes match up, but instead choosing to force mismatched blocks through the hole? It was like that.

"M-My dick's gone all... fuzzy numb."

That did not stop her.

Judy was utterly determined to devour and collect everything in Nick Wilde's balls.

Whether he wanted to or not.

If he had control or not.

Yes to the former. No to the latter.

Because the mad body of Judy Hopps just forced Nick to cum again- right then and there.

"Wha, what the heck?" Nick stammered, feeling himself cumming- twitching inside her. But nothing. It was a dry run. The confused fox was utterly baffled. That had never happened to him before. "S-Some kind of hi-hiccup. W-Widle primitive hi-hiccups..."

Suddenly, Judy flipped the script. Literally. The bunny girl, having exhausted that position, hopped herself off the bed. Let go of her mate, and swapped around so she was facing down. Her back to Nick. Judy grabbed Nick's ankles. Her legs wrapping around his sides. Judy's big bunny bun bouncing on his lap. Ears sticking straight up. Like antenna. The fox co*ck still inside her. With a rabid snarl, her body covered in white, Judy went right back to where she left off. Through sheer muscle, force her mate to cum inside her again, again, and again.

Which she did.

In this new position, Nick saw a new angle to his... 'torment'. The bed-sofa was soaked in fluids. Judy herself was covered in white. Foxy cream was pumping out of her flesh cave with each forced thrust. Strong, round, jiggly bunny buns right in the fox's face as her insides were outright sucking him in now. It was too much. Nick didn't so much as org*sm as the contents of his balls were extracted out of him through a vacuum.

With a cute little cackle, rabid Judy purred in victory as she finally pulled out another load from her mate. As she did, Nick desperately reached to the lamp table to the side. A ZPD issue phone, just sitting there. Nick's only hope.

"Ju-Just a little fur-further..."

It was all for naught.

The rabid Judy had changed positions again. This time, hoping on Nick's front. Facing him. Judy's tiny bunny frame pressed up against Nick's chiseled chest. Wrapping her arms under the fox's own, grabbing his shoulders from the back. Much the same with her legs. Wrapping her feet behind his knees.

Now, Judy truly was going all out.

Her bunny body bouncing herself on the fox co*ck like a piston in an engine. Her legs and core going up and down so fast she was a blur. Forget steam, there was smoke. Judy's grip on his was so tight, Nick was certain something was gonna snap off! Judy's solid pale eyes were glowing now. Licking her rabbit lips, cackling in her throat.


The bunny farm girl was really milking it.

The bunny farm girl was really milking it.

"I-I'm done fo-for..."

Nick stammered, all his strength was gone. He simply sat there on the bed-sofa. Waiting for death via dehydration as his partner and best friend sucked the life out of him-dick first. Nick wished he was kidding as his limbs just laid there. Unable to move. Spots dotted his vision. His insides felt like a dry sandbox. His tongue was sand paper. Thee Nick Wilde simply sat there for the end to claim him as the mate made Judy Hopps forced out the last drop of essence from his body. A mad grin on her face. Nick saw that. Judy's utter joy of forcing out the utter last bit of baby gravy from his balls. He looked at that face. The complete joy. The life inside her. The flame and happiness in her eyes. Eyes that any man would fall in love with. That any man would run for lives from. Nick Wilde? Nick Wilde was a man who knew here he belonged. Nick Wilde belonged under Judy Hopps.

Nick Wilde was happy. A smile on his face as he org*smed- one last time, inside his best friend. By some miracle, a new life came from this after his death, Nick wished Judy nothing but happiness and love. It was more than he ever had from his kin. Nick hoped whatever he family made was given the same. Even if he wasn't a part of it.


"Nick?" J

udy asked. Her pupils had returned. Instead of solid, glowing white, loving violete eyes had returned. The confused, scared, and sweaty rabbit girl looked at her mate below her. The fox man had been drained and worked to the bone. Nick sat there, his eyes adrift. Panting for sweet-sweet air. His green eyes were dull and lifeless. His heart... was it beating?

"J-Judy?" Nick asked, his eyes forced to the bunny girl that almost killed him. Nick smiled at her. Love in his heart. Judy slapped a hand over her mouth. Overjoyed.

"Ni-Nick, you made it. You're awake. You didn't pass out or die! Do you know what this mea-oh cheese and crackers!"

Judy cursed. Her body finally at rest. The steam and smoke burning off both their bodies rose and filled the room. Judy looked at her man with pride... and more. A burning love in her chest. Her eyes swapped from violet orbs to bursting red hearts. Judy pecked one last kiss on her mate. His seed deep with in her- wait. His seed. A wave- no, an endless tsunami pulsed through her body.

Judy looked down at herself. Her spine was burning. Her lower body utterly refused to respond to her. Judy's lungs sang a wonderful song of purpose and love in her chest. Judy's eyes bulged out of her eyes as she felt something... she never thought would happen. Judy's flesh cave. puss*. vagin*. Whatever you call it. It had completely morphed and re-built itself around Nick's fox co*ck. Something her insides was never intended to meet.

And Judy Hopps was loving it!

The bunny girl collapsed on her fox mate. Her rabbit lungs filling up with sexy vulpine pheromones. Judy's burning- smoking, hot womb fulla thick, hot, fox cum. Just sloshing around inside. The rabbit girl dropped. Judy's face on Nick's chest. A droopy grin beyond blackout drink on her ace. Her entire body, utterly sated, satisfied, complete. Purpose. Effort. Life- complete.

Nick, his last-final effort. All the strength left in his body and sole- he kissed Judy Hopps. His lips to hers. Both their minds gone. Only their instinct remained as they sank and relaxed into each other. Love. Purpose- And exhaustion in their hearts.

"Oh..." Judy grumbled, her body devoid of strength and feeling. The rabbit cop looked down. Her legs hanging and dangling. Her center and core dead to the word. The still hard fox co*ck still inside her. Forced by love, lust, and pure demand at its best inside the bunny's flesh cave. "I'm stuck."

"Oh... Of course you are." Nick sighed. His tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. He pointed at the phone next to them. "Call Clawhauser. He'll help us- and keep a secret... You're okay with the firstborn named 'Benny', right?"

Operation Housecall - Chapter 5 - MrAanonymous (2024)
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