50 Most Popular Medium Length Hairstyles in 2022 (2024)

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One of today’s most popular hairstyles is the medium cut. It has the cool advantage of having that perfect balance between not too long so it is not too high maintenance and not too short so that you can style it the way you want to. It’s simply just right. Therefore, if you were thinking about going for the cut yourself and looking for some medium inspo, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a collection of medium length hairstyles and ideas for you to choose from. Enjoy!

1. The Half up Half Down

Or the lazy girl’s top knot, as we like to call it. You can also call it the bohemian beach look, if you want to feel better about yourself. Just kidding. All in all, this is a gorgeous example of what you can do in just a few minutes when your hair is medium length.

2. Light Marsala

Tired of your boring color? No problem, go for a light marsala instead. It was Pantone’s color of the year a few seasons back but that doesn’t mean it’s not still in our hearts. It’s a wonderful shade of warm purple that we absolutely adore.

3. Medium Length Hairstyles with Ribbon

When in doubt, ribbon it up! That’s always our motto. This lovely medium cut has some soft curls in it as well as a faux crown braid that goes all the way around your head and ends in the back with a dark and dusty pink satin bow.

4. The Kendall Jenner

The first celebrity on our list of medium length hairstyles is supermodel and reality TV star, Kendell Jenner. She likes to wear a feathery bob in a classic dark brunette that emphasizes her brown eyes.

5. The Lily Collins

Although we do like our Lily Collins with her very long locks, this look flatters her as well. It’s a lob, otherwise known as a long bob in a very natural caramel brown with beach waves and a side parting.

6. Boho Medium Length Hairstyles

Here is a very relaxed and effortless look that you can pull off anytime you want. All you need is some sea salt spray or some texturing spray. You can also use your hair blower so that you can add some volume to your locks.

7. 70s Medium Length Hairstyles

We all know that we are currently reliving the 90s from every single point of view. However, it would hurt to go against the current for once and back a few decades. This amazing hairstyle from the 70s is simply too gorgeous to resist.

8. Casual Medium Length Hairstyles

This might just be the epitome of the ‘I woke up like this’ style. Casual, bed head hair, a white men’s shirt, daisy dukes, and minimal makeup. Looking gorgeous has never been easier. And it’s all thanks to that hair!

9. The Megan Fox

It’s difficult to find a woman that looks sexier than Megan Fox, even in Hollywood. Therefore, we trust her when it comes to hair inspiration. Her dark chocolate brown tones highlight her blue eyes and we love it.

10. The Eva Mendes

We might have spoken a bit too soon on that Megan Fox thing now that we take a good look at Eva Mendes and her medium length hairstyles. We especially love her color, which is a very autumn-like dark blonde with both highlights and low lights.

11. The Textured Lob

This is a great trick for girls with fine or thin hair. If this is your case, then you can easily let your stylist know, and he or she will give you a textured cut. The optical illusion will make it look like you have a lot more volume and body than in reality.

12. The Chloe Grace Moretz

Here is one young actress that has been a teen idol for quite a while now. She has always stayed true to both this hair length and her almost platinum hair color. We can’t actually blame her because she looks amazing.

13. Jumbo Waves and Bangs

Another way you can go regarding styling when it comes to medium length hairstyles is to use your curling iron and create some jumbo curls. Combine them with some low cut and heavy bangs and you’ve got yourself a winner look. The rose is optional.

14. Toffee Ombre Medium Length Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a natural ombre color, this is the one to go for. It starts off with a toffee brown base at the roots and melts into a blonde beige toward the tips. In fact, it looks so natural, that it could pass for balayage.

15. The Sweet Rolls

Medium hairstyles can typically lend themselves to anything you can dream of. This, for example, is one we really loved. It’s a low ponytail with a sweet roll and a very cute lace bow. Tease the hair out a bit using a soft brush.

16. The Elizabeth Olsen

As far as medium length hairstyles go, Elizabeth Olsen is the perfect embodiment of light beach waves and bronde. She also has a touch of ombre if you look closely, expertly pulled off from that bronde to a lighter blonde.

17. Runway Hair

Do you want supermodel hair? Who doesn’t? Now you can have it because medium length hairstyles are here to help. Put your curling iron to good use and create some large runway curls. Pair them with some dramatic makeup.

18. The Blake Lively

Actress Blake Lively is, probably, equally known for her hair as she is for her acting skills. Therefore, medium length hairstyles are tremendously important to her. Her golden blonde hair is now internationally famous.

19. Summery Medium Length Hairstyles

What better in the summer heat that a medium hairstyle that is short enough to cool you off but still long enough for you to look sexy and stylish. In fact, it’s the appropriate length to make you look cool in both ways.

20. Balayage Medium Length Hairstyles

On the other side of ombre sits balayage hair. Since it’s a lot more visible with long hair, when you have a medium cut, balayage can actually pass as your natural color, if done properly. Consult your stylist.

21. The Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block is well known for her long tresses. However, she too has fallen under the spell of medium length hairstyles from time to time and she looks absolutely amazing. With a mane like that, who wouldn’t?

22. Rose Gold Ombre

Here is a type of ombre that has been all the hype in the past few years. We’re talking about rose gold, of course, the winner color of all that is stylish and fashionable. Combine it with medium length hairstyles and you can’t go wrong.

23. Pastel Medium Length Hairstyles

Here’s another way in which you can score points on a major trend. This is a short and loose fishtail braid on an indigo pastel bob. Add the golden jewelry and the theatrical dark makeup and you might as well pose for Vogue.

24. Golden Medium Length Hairstyles

How to be a golden goddess rule book. In fact, there’s only one rule – wear as much gold as you can, in all the shades you can find. Golden hair, nuances of darker and matte golden makeup, and of course, golden sequins on your clothes.

25. The Romantic Braid

Where would medium length hairstyles be without a romantic braid or two? Braids have been all the rage in the past seasons and you cannot miss on the chance of being stylish or fashionable in this sense.

26. Icy Medium Length Hairstyles

A classic among blonde wearers and lovers alike, the platinum blonde is one that requires a lot of maintenance but which is surely worth all the fuss. If you go for it, make sure to keep your roots darker for a natural look.

27. Nutmeg and Cinnamon

Choosing the right colors for the fall season can, sometimes, be a difficult thing to do. However, when you have the right inspo, as well as the appropriate medium length hairstyles, nothing is easier. This is a great combination of nutmeg and cinnamon browns.

28. The Messy Top Knot

Not only is this a proud representative of the medium length hairstyles but it has a whole other plethora of trends as well. It’s a messy and asymmetrical top knot combined with teased out beach waves and a slight ombre. Wow!

29. The French Knot

Here’s another mix of trends. It’s a French braid on top of the head that finishes in a half up half down top knot. It works especially well if the underside of your hair is a different color than the outside.

30. The Half up Fishtail

Fishtails are a variation of the French braid. The great thing about them when you’re also sporting medium length hairstyles is that you can wear them as a casual style every day at the office or for a special event such as a wedding.

31. Superb Medium Length Hairstyles

There’s just something about medium cuts and bed hair, isn’t it? And when you add to that a simple and minimalist makeup you really look like you just woke up and look fabulous and natural all at the same time.

32. Vanilla and Caramel Medium Length Hairstyles

Well, to be more precise, the shades of blonde you can see here are vanilla cream and caramel ice cream. Together they create one tasty dessert that you can now wear. Twist your hair before you go to bed while it’s still a little damp and get these wonderful beach waves in the morning.

33. Strawberry Medium Length Hairstyles

Here is one color that will, probably, never go out of style. Strawberry hair is a soft and sweet combination of blonde and red that looks extremely appetizing, especially in a medium cut. You don’t want to have too little or too much of it.

34. Warm Coconut Medium Length Hairstyles

If you’re thinking about going for a fantastic brown color, why not try this warm coconut? Contrary to popular belief, coconut does not refer to white as the flesh of the coconut but brown as the hard shell.

35. Very, Very Curly

Curly haired girls are extremely beautiful, don’t you think? However, despite that, their ringlets can be quite a handful when it comes to maintenance. This is why we believe that medium length hairstyles are the perfect cut.

36. The Bouffant Ponytail

If you want to copy this look, all you need is a soft hairbrush and some hairspray. Tie up the ponytail as usual and start teasing it using the brush. When you’re done, use the hairspray to make sure everything stays in place.

37. Cute and Straight

If you have a curling iron, then you surely have a hair straightener as well. You can now use it to create the cutest medium length hairstyles ever. Just straighten your hair and then apply some glossing agent to make your locks shine.

38. Natural Teen Medium Length Hairstyles

What could be easier and more natural for a teen than this type of hairstyle? It requires minimal attention from your part so that you can focus on more important things in your life right now while still looking fabulous.

39. Raven Medium Length Hairstyles

This color is called raven for a reason. It’s a matte and very dark brunette chopped off into a gorgeous layered and feathery medium cut that will make you look mysterious and sexy. We recommend a matte smoky eye and a nude lip.

40. Soft Pink Medium Length Hairstyles

Non-traditional hair colors are very on trend right now. If you’re not a fan of solid and bright colors, you can always go for their softer version. For example, this is a powdery pink combined with a bit of pastel lilac.

41. Lush Creamy Beige

When it comes to blonde hair, nothing works best as adding a few lowlights and dying your roots in a darker shade, so that you can truly bring out that blonde. This is, possibly, the creamiest beige we’ve ever seen!

42. Brass Shades

There’s brown, there’s copper, and then there are the magnificent and glorious brass shades. If done correctly, they will shine a light as if from within, creating an illuminating effect on your strands of hair.

43. The Emma Stone

No matter which hair color she decides to wear, actress Emma Stone really loves medium length hairstyles. Here she is in a strawberry blonde long bob with dark smoky eye makeup and a very cute pink lip.

44. Hot Chocolate Bangs

Have you ever just looked at a beautifully colored object and though just how awesome it would be if you could have hair that exact same color? We know we did. That’s the exact same story of this hot chocolate medium cut and its bangs.

45. Vintage Medium Length Hairstyles

Even though it’s vintage, it will never stop being fashionable. This hairstyle simply looks too good for ladies to stop wearing it. Pair it with a striking red lipstick as our grandmas did in the 40s and you’re good to go.

46. Cotton Candy Medium Length Hairstyles

How about some cotton candy? In your hair? If you’re feeling bold enough, this might be the hairstyle for you. Cotton candy pink is now even easier to obtain than you think. There are even special dyes you can use at home by yourself. Look them up!

47. The Rachel Weisz

Actress Rachel Weisz has always been very partial to medium length hairstyles. However, we chose this particular picture of her where she has a tangled and chaotic mess of jumbo curls to show you what you can do with your medium cut if you try.

48. Hipster Medium Length Hairstyles

Going for the hipster thrill when it comes to hair is always a good idea. Fortunately for all of us, we could stand to take a page from their book because this subculture really has a good grip when it comes to hair and styling it.

49. The Purple Ombre

If you’re not satisfied with the natural looking ombre, then you can always use it on a cooky color. Don’t be shy and go for a grungy pastel purple that will turn heads wherever you go. As far as medium length hairstyles go, this truly is one for the books.

50. The Mint Green

And since we’ve talked purple, let’s end our list of medium length hairstyles with a bang and discuss mint green. It’s an absolutely outstanding shade that you can pair with anything, from a mohawk to a vintage victory roll and cat eye plastic sunglasses. Think about the possibilities!


What did you think about our selection of medium length hairstyles? Did we inspire you to go for any of these cuts or colors? Or have you done it already? If so, tell so all about your experience in the comment section below because we can’t wait to hear about it!

50 Most Popular Medium Length Hairstyles in 2022 (51)

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Medium Length Hairstyles and Ideas

Medium length hairstyles offer a perfect balance between low maintenance and versatile styling options. Let's delve into the concepts and ideas presented in this article.

1. The Half up Half Down

The "Half up Half Down" hairstyle is a popular choice for medium length hair, offering a relaxed and effortless look that can be achieved in just a few minutes [[1]].

2. Light Marsala

Light Marsala, a warm purple shade, offers a refreshing change from traditional hair colors and continues to be a favored choice for medium length hairstyles [[2]].

3. Medium Length Hairstyles with Ribbon

Incorporating ribbons into medium length hairstyles adds a touch of elegance and charm, enhancing the overall look with soft curls and a faux crown braid [[3]].

4. The Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner's feathery bob in a classic dark brunette is a notable example of a celebrity-inspired medium length hairstyle [[4]].

5. The Lily Collins

Lily Collins' lob, or long bob, in a natural caramel brown with beach waves and a side parting showcases a flattering medium length style [[5]].

6. Boho Medium Length Hairstyles

Effortless and relaxed, boho medium length hairstyles can be achieved with the use of sea salt spray or texturing spray to add volume to the locks [[6]].

7. 70s Medium Length Hairstyles

Reviving the 70s with medium length hairstyles offers a gorgeous and timeless look, providing a refreshing change from current trends [[7]].

8. Casual Medium Length Hairstyles

The "I woke up like this" style, characterized by casual, bed head hair, offers a natural and effortlessly beautiful look for medium length hairstyles [[8]].

9. The Megan Fox

Megan Fox's medium length hairstyles, featuring dark chocolate brown tones, highlight her captivating blue eyes, exuding a sexy and alluring appeal [[9]].

10. The Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes' medium length hairstyles, with a very autumn-like dark blonde color and highlights, exemplify a stylish and versatile look [[10]].

These concepts and ideas encompass a wide range of styles, colors, and techniques for medium length hairstyles, catering to diverse preferences and fashion trends. If you're considering a medium length hairstyle, these options provide ample inspiration for your next look.

50 Most Popular Medium Length Hairstyles in 2022 (2024)
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