50 Coffin Nail Designs, Ideas, Looks and Inspirations for 2023 | Makeup.com by L'Oréal (2024)

November 14, 2022

50 Coffin Nail Designs, Ideas, Looks and Inspirations for 2023 | Makeup.com by L'Oréal (1)

By: Trishna Rikhy | Makeup.com by L'Oréal

50 Coffin Nail Designs, Ideas, Looks and Inspirations for 2023 | Makeup.com by L'Oréal (2)

Square and stiletto nails not your thing? Make room for squoval’s sharper cousin — the coffin nail. Coffin-shaped nails resemble the bottom half of a coffin (morbid, we know) and offer a tapered end without the sharp point of a stiletto nail. They’ve become increasingly popular in the past few years and are a versatile option for most lengths. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 50 of our favorite coffin nail looks to inspire your next set.

50 Coffin Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Manicure

1. Pink Coffin Nails

Keep it simple and fabulous with long, pink coffin nails.

2. White and Pale Pink

Adding a glittery accent nail to a white and pale pink set is perfect for any time of the year.

3. Silver French Tips

For a chromatic take on coffin nails, add a shiny French tip and some accent jewels.

4. Red and White Hearts

Play with fun designs and accent nails during your next manicure. White and red make the perfect color combo.

5. Red and Black Tips

A squared French tip on a coffin nail is always cool. For an edgy, grunge look, play with black and red and add some silver charms.

6. Orange and Pink Swirls

Pick two of your favorite colors and use them to create a swirly French manicure on your coffin nails.

7. Red and Gold

We love how this red and gold manicure incorporates glittery accent nails, too.

8. Sculptural Coffin Nails

Ask your nail tech to create a cool 3D effect on some of your nails. This one creates the shape of a snake.

9. Neon Green Coffin Nails

For a bold look, add neon tips and bejeweled charms to long coffin extensions.

10. Airbrushed Nails

The airbrushed look is in for 2022, and the effect is awe-inspiring on coffin nails.

11. Double Pink

Can’t choose one shade of pink? No problem — pick two for a cool monochromatic look.

12. Chocolate French Tips

Choose a few shades of brown to recreate these wavy nude tips.

13. White Accents

Alternate between sparkly white French tips and shiny tips with floral accents for this cute nail look.

14. Pink Marble

Ask your nail technician to create a marble effect using two shades of pink nail polish. We love how this look from @nailsbyceanna accessorized the look with gems placed near the cuticle.

15. Sage Green

You can’t go wrong with green on your nails — the muted shade is perfect for winter.

16. Maximalist Designs

The best thing about coffin nails is that they elongate your natural nails, therefore giving plenty of room for cool, unique designs.

17. Blue Coffin Nail Designs

Can’t pick one design for your bright blue look? This Instagram picture offers four different options, including butterfly designs and sculptural gems.

18. Pink and Gold Tips

To add some extra flair to your French tips, add a subtle line of gold glitter.

19. Classic French Tips

French tips work on any nail type, but on a coffin nail, they’re especially chic.

20. Glittery Waves

This design works with any color combo; simply add some wavy, glittery lines atop your solid base for a stunning and simple look.

21. Bejeweled Blue

Make your acrylic nails pop with blue gems and tips on your coffin extensions.

22. Blood Red

For a cool, claw-like design, add some blood red designs to nude nails. You’ll want to bookmark this one for next Halloween.

23. Black and White Designs

This black and white coffin nail set is a classic.

24. Rainbow Gradient

This airbrushed look can combine all your favorite colors on your coffin nails in the coolest way.

25. Black French Tips

If you don’t want to go the classic white French tip route, opt for black tips instead. Whether you go for a glossy or matte finish is up to you.

26. Black and Silver

These are truly the black-tie edition of coffin nails, with silver details and nude accents.

27. Pink Textured Coffin Nails

For a soft color combo, pair baby pink with white. Bonus points for textured polish, designs and charms as pretty as these.

28. Mismatched Nails

Having different shades of neon on each hand while keeping the same design is a surefire way to make your nails head-turning and eye-catching.

29. Black Butterfly Designs

These intricate coffin nails with a delicate butterfly design and charms for days are stunning.

30. Rhinestone Nails

To get the most out of your coffin nails, why not cover the entire nail with rhinestones?

31. Mocha Nails

In winter, this mocha set is just right. The plaid nail can’t be skipped!

32. Smiley Faces

Smiley faces, hearts, and checkered patterns are always fun to play with — especially when you can do a different one on each coffin nail.

33. Glazed Nails

The glazed trend isn’t over for 2023; it’s just moving to coffin acrylics.

34. Fall Vibes

These autumnal nails scream sweater season.

35. Frosty Nails

Pair iridescent details with translucent white polish for the perfect wintery look.

36. Chrome and Stars

With your favorite shiny nail polish, twinkly white stars make for a cute, minimalist design.

37. Lavender Nails

Lavender and nude always pair perfectly together. We love this stunning look with alternating designs.

38. Bejeweled Pink

Between bejeweled French tips, solid nails and pure glitter, this maximalist pink look is definitely one to try this year.

39. Cherry Accents

A red rhinestone cherry with black French tips is a design practically made for the coffin shape.

40. Cartoon Nails

Play with bold colors by going for a cartoon look on your nails.

41. V-Shaped Tips

For an edgy take on the rounded French tip, try making the tip into a pointed V.

42. Classic White

You can never go wrong with solid white nails — and on coffin extensions, they’re even cooler.

43. Spooky Vibes

Halloween may be over, but with this much bejeweled glam, it’s never the wrong time to go for a horror movie vibe with your nails.

44. Shades of Brown

If you’re someone who likes a neutral nail, this two-toned nude set is for you. It goes with every outfit.

45. Patched Up Nails

This blue and purple design is perfect for coffin nails.

46. Black and White Sparkles

Draw on some sparkles in black and white for a cute cartoonish effect.

47. Rhinestone Stripes

The best part about coffin nails is all the space they provide to make completely unique designs out of rhinestones. Why paint on your stripes when you could glue them on instead?

48. Wavy Tips

This modern take on a French tip is fun and edgy — and with some glitter, it’s made even cuter.

49. Pink Jelly Nails

Pink jelly nails, glittery tips and chunky charms easily put this set over the top.

50. Shimmery White

Add some shimmer and sparkles to your white gradient nails for a sleek, chic look.

Photo: @jeimynails, Design: Juliana Campisi

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50 Coffin Nail Designs, Ideas, Looks and Inspirations for 2023 | Makeup.com by L'Oréal (3)
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50 Coffin Nail Designs, Ideas, Looks and Inspirations for 2023   | Makeup.com by L'Oréal (2024)
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