20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (2024)

Coffin acrylic nails may sound a bit ghastly. Still, as you probably know, it’s actually a deeply fabulous shape and type of fake nail.

They make a great canvas for beautiful nails and beautiful nail art that you can show off to the world.

Nail art is a great and creative way that you can use to express yourself. Just pop into your salon and tell them your most artistic nail art dreams – inch-long nails, painted daisies, a different color for each nail, a portrait of your pet – all coffin acrylic nails, of course, and, with the help of a talented manicurist, it’ll be done.

Plus, nail art is concentrated in a small area that’s relatively easy to keep professional for the office while still being able to serve personality and make you feel like a baddie.

As long as you avoid any obvious unprofessional obscenities.

Nail art is a lot like socks in that way. More stylish, baddie-making socks. Just showing a pop of personality for those paying attention.

So if you’ve been looking at your nails lately and thinking:

“Wow, I could use a manicure.”

Then you’re in luck because you’ve stumbled upon (or perhaps strode purposely towards) a list of some of the hottest coffin acrylic nails around.

These gorgeous nails will have you racing to your nail salon, which is full of design possibilities.

Plus, coffin acrylic nails are a super hot trend right now.

Coffin Acrylic Nails

You may or may not know it but coffin nails have almost nothing to do with actual coffins. The reason these nails get their name is that their shape does in fact mimic that of the classic movie-style vampire coffin. Meaning – they taper inwards slightly as they get to the squared-off end.

If you’re unfamiliar with acrylic nails, you’ve probably seen them before, although you may not have recognized them. They’re really the prototypical fake nails that people go to the salon to get, made from a mixture of a liquid monomer and powder polymer that are bonded to your nails and crafted into the desired shape and length.

Typically you get them done at a salon, and they last for 6-8 weeks, with you needing to go back for maintenance every couple of weeks.

Acrylic nails can be used to strengthen (although they can damage your nails over time) and lengthen your fingernails.

If you’re interested in fake nails but averse to acrylics, you have other options as well, including

  • Press-on nails, which are nails you can apply at home
  • Gel nails, which are a bit softer than acrylics
  • Natural nails, which you can just paint them and leave your length as is.

Any of these nail types can also support the nail art we’ll have featured in our list below. However, some styles will need to be amended depending on the length and nail application limitations.

And now, without further ado, here is our list of 20 hot coffin acrylic nail ideas.

Seasonal Popular Acrylic Nails Coffin Ideas

Below, we’ve curated the hottest coffin acrylic nail ideas for each and every season and holiday so you can have snazzy, in-season nails all year long.

Check out the best seasonal popular acrylic nails coffin ideas.

Coffin Summer Acrylic Nails

Watermelon anyone? These nails are so cute and playful, and their fresh, fruity vibe is perfect for the summer. We see beach days in these nails’ future. But watermelon’s not the only fruit you could use. You could do oranges, lemons, limes … the list goes on. Your nails could be fruit all summer long.

Coffin Winter Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (2)Instagram@hairlauranailsPIN

Ignore the filter and pay attention to these gorgeous coffin winter acrylic nails. The beautiful pale blue mixed with a glittery nail and a clear nail with snowflakes on it make such a soft, wintery combination. It’s giving femininity. It’s giving elegance. It’s giving delicacy. It’s giving snow. These nails are perfect for the long, winter months.

Acrylic Coffin Christmas Nails

If you’re going to get into the holiday spirit … you might as well go all in with. Fully embrace Christmas with these acrylic coffin Christmas nails. Deck your nails out in red and green and white, with glitter, snow, and a striped candy cane nail. If you’ve got a Christmas party to go to, you know what you need to do.

Coffin Acrylic Halloween Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (4)Instagram@_lolalavishPIN

It’s time for the spooky season nails that go right along with the name coffin. After those intense Christmas nails, these might seem underwhelming. But sometimes less is more, and we like the simple, spooky look of the bats on one nail, with the black patterned across the others. Although don’t get it twisted. In looks, these might be comparatively simple, but these nails would not be easy to paint.

Coffin Valentines Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (5)Instagram@nails.by.maribellPIN

You can feel the love in the air with these coffin Valentine’s acrylic nails. Using reds and whites gives these long nails a sophisticated look, even as they’re so obviously playful with details like the heart and lips nails. This nail art is bold and beautiful, which is just perfect for the romance of Valentine’s Day.

Coffin Easter Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (6)Instagram@christine__lamPIN

Okay, if we’re all honest with each other here, these nails are just pastel. However, pastel nails are a great way to get coffin Easter acrylic nails, because they’ll be on theme for Easter, but you can keep them for the spring season as well. Unless you’re using press-ons, you probably want acrylic nails that you can wear for about 6-8 weeks.

Coffin Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (7)Instagram@rias_nailssssPIN

Now it’s time to play around with different types of nail art and designs, in different colors and lengths. We’ve had the owl era, and the turtle era. But now, we’re firmly in the cow era. Cows are being recognized for how cute they are, and how fun their print is to wear. And that goes for nails, too. These coffin acrylic nails designs are cow print. And they’re incredible. Nail designs are such a fun way to express your creativity and fashion attitude.

Coffin Short Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (8)Instagram@xo.pink_claws.xo/PIN

Alright, and now we jump immediately to coffin acrylic nails with no design on them … but these coffin short acrylic nails are such a gorgeous blue color we couldn’t resist! And sometimes you want a simpler nail design that can transition throughout your day for whatever you need. These acrylics are still beautiful, and in a fun color, but they’re also a bit more versatile and practical than some others on this list.

Coffin Cute Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (9)Instagram@cutegrabbersPIN

These purple coffin cute acrylic nails are groovy, baby, and we just love them. The waves of different shades of purple and white are so intricate, unique, and fun. The way the patterns are done creates a deliberate and cohesive look, despite the different ways the waves are used across the nails. It’s eye-catching and funky.

Medium Length Coffin Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (10)Instagram@nailsby_jentakPIN

These medium-length coffin acrylic nails are oh so pretty in pink. The soft pink color creates a soft and feminine look, with a hint of fun and youth in the choice of butterfly nail art. If you’re looking for nail art that screams pretty, young, and feminine, you’ve found it with this look – and we’ve got to say, it looks pretty great.

Coffin Long Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (11)Instagram@l.o.vivePIN

Alright, alright, these coffin long acrylic nails are so cool. Let’s not kid ourselves. They’re cool! The grey color, the heart designs, the insane length. Even the matching denim underneath. It’s such a look. These are bad bitch only nails. And who doesn’t want to be a bad bitch? These nails say I know I look good. These nails say style over practicality. And they’re absolutely right.

Matte Coffin Nails

There’s something sophisticated about matte coffin nails. And these are no different, even combined with a single glittery and a single shiny, chromatic pink nail. Those extra colors and textures just add a little extra pizzazz to an otherwise mature look. Personally, we think this is a great look because of how easy it’d be to match to a casual, business, or formal look.

Acrylic Coffin Nails Colors

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (13)Instagram@nail_boulevardsgPIN

Next up, to round out our list, we’ve got a series of nail designs featuring different colors. These colorful nails do a great job balancing all those colors by having so much neutral space so the nails aren’t too overpowering. If you’re looking for nail art that’s fun, funky, and fresh, then you might just want to go out and get yourself some colorful nails like these ones.

Coffin Black Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (14)Instagram@nailshushPIN

If you’re feeling a little sophisticated or a little goth, why not go for coffin black acrylic nails? You can add some interest by adding glitter and a pattern to some of the nails as these ones do. We think these nails will add a touch of drama to a look, and we have to admit, we love a bit of drama.

Coffin White Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (15)Instagram@goldennails.loganPIN

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have this clean and simple coffin white acrylic nails. Other than the accent nail on each hand, these nails are just simple, white coffin acrylic nails. They make a fresh and simple look that can be worn with any outfit, for any occasion. This look, despite the long acrylic nails, is like the anti-drama to the drama of the previous black nails.

Coffin Purple Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (16)Instagram@rico_nailssPIN

These beautiful, pale coffin purple nails are simple elegance, but with a bit of color. Sometimes people are scared to wear color if they’re going for an elegant look, and these nails prove that that’s not necessary. This beautiful pastel color is so delicate and pretty. You can’t tell us that they’re not elegant!

Coffin Brown Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (17)Instagram@witch_snailsPIN

These long coffin brown acrylic nails are simple but effective. And by that, we mean this look is serving simple sophistication. There’s no extra glamor, colors, or patterns on these nails. Instead, they let the glossy brown color and sharp length and shape of the coffin acrylic nails speak for themselves. And honestly, it’s a really chic look.

Coffin Pink Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (18)PIN

Let’s bring back the sparkle and the pizzazz with these coffin pink acrylic nails. We jumped to boss business lady sophistication with the last nails, but now we’re getting back to what’s pretty, delicate, and feminine with these ones. Whether you’re dressing up and going out or simply adding a bit of extra softness to your look, these nails are a great choice.

Coffin Yellow Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (19)Instagram@bonita_nails_utahPIN

We’re bringing back the summer vibes with these coffin yellow acrylic nails with this sunflower design. By keeping the tips and the sunflower accent nail as the only aspects that are neon yellow, these nails do a great job balancing the look with the fun factor of the neon without creating something overwhelming or blinding to look at.

Coffin Green Acrylic Nails

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (20)Instagram@nailsbymaryxoPIN

These fun coffin green acrylic nails have us feeling green with envy! The beautiful, unique color paired with the design on the middle and ring fingernails create such a fun but sophisticated look. It says, “I know how to get the job done, but I’m going out for drinks afterward,” and honestly? We love to see it.


  • Where to Get Coffin Cute Acrylic Nails?

    You can typically get cute coffin acrylic nails done at a nail salon. You may want to search the place online first to ensure it’s a clean salon with good reviews, but most salons offer acrylics.

    Keep in mind that prices will vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

    • The salon you go to
    • How intricate the nail art you want
    • How often you go back for maintenance
  • What Are the Most Popular Acrylic Nails Coffin?

    Coffin acrylic nails, in general, are trendy right now. What designs are most popular probably depends on where you go. In this list, we’ve tried to capture some of the most-searched-for types of acrylic coffin nails, so really most styles on this list should be popular, at least in theme.

    But keep in mind that what’s most important is that you pick a style you like and will be able to maintain it for 6-8 weeks. At the end of the day, the only opinion on your nails that matters is yours.

    If you really want to know what’s most popular at your salon, though, your manicurist will have a good idea. Ask them about the most popular lengths, colors, and designs that customers seem to be choosing.

  • How to Shorten Acrylic Coffin Nails at Home?

    You’ve got an incredible pair of long coffin acrylic nails, and now you’re home and realize they’re completely impractical for your everyday life. Maybe you have a baby at home. Maybe your job requires a lot of manual labor or at least hand manipulation. Or maybe your nails have started to grow out, but you need to put off going to the salon for a week or so longer. Whatever your reason may be, you need to know if you can shorten your acrylic coffin nails at home because you aren’t ready to part with them just yet.

    And the answer to your question is yes. You can DIY shorten them. But how?

    You can shorten your acrylic coffin nails at home using a coarse nail file. Make sure you are careful to maintain the shape you’d like. And, make sure you don’t file them too short.

Zohna Tip

In order to get the most even coffin nail shape, start by filing your nails on the nail sidewall in one direction only, angling the file slightly towards the middle of your finger. This avoids breakage. Then, once the edges are angled in towards the center, file again in only one direction across the top.

Nail Your Coffin Look

So there you have it – 20 coffin acrylic nail art ideas to inspire you for your next trip to the salon. Now you can march right on in and say, “I know what I want. Coffin acrylic nails that look like this!” and (politely) slam down your phone with an image from this article blown up on your screen.

Well, don’t slam your phone too hard. You don’t want to be rude or break your phone. But, you know. Have slam-your-phone down levels of excitement and assuredness.

Because any one of these designs is worth getting excited over.

And any one of them can be yours.

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Concepts related to the article

  1. Coffin acrylic nails: Coffin nails are a specific shape of artificial nails that taper inwards and have a squared-off end, resembling a classic vampire coffin. They are made from a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer that are bonded to the natural nails and crafted into the desired shape and length.

  2. Nail art: Nail art is a creative way to express oneself through the design and decoration of nails. It involves using various techniques, colors, and materials to create intricate and unique designs on the nails.

  3. Acrylic nails: Acrylic nails are artificial extensions that are applied to the natural nails to enhance their length and strength. They are made from a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymer that is applied to the nails and shaped into the desired form. Acrylic nails can last for 6-8 weeks and require regular maintenance.

  4. Nail salon: A nail salon is a professional establishment where individuals can get various nail services, including manicures, pedicures, and the application of artificial nails. It is recommended to choose a reputable salon with good hygiene practices and skilled manicurists.

  5. Press-on nails: Press-on nails are artificial nails that can be applied at home without the need for professional assistance. They come with adhesive backing that sticks to the natural nails.

  6. Gel nails: Gel nails are a type of artificial nails that are softer and more flexible than acrylic nails. They are made from a gel substance that is cured under a UV or LED light.

  7. Natural nails: Natural nails refer to the natural growth of nails without the use of artificial extensions. They can be painted and styled in various ways without the need for additional enhancements.

  8. Nail maintenance: Acrylic nails require regular maintenance, including filling and reshaping every couple of weeks to maintain their appearance and prevent damage to the natural nails.

  9. Nail art designs: Nail art designs refer to the various patterns, colors, and decorations applied to the nails to create unique and personalized looks. These designs can range from simple patterns to intricate artwork and can be customized based on individual preferences and occasions.

  10. Seasonal nail art: Seasonal nail art refers to nail designs that are inspired by specific seasons or holidays. These designs incorporate elements and colors that are associated with a particular time of the year, such as summer, winter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and Easter.

  11. Nail length: The length of acrylic nails can vary from short to medium to long, depending on personal preference and practicality. Longer nails provide more surface area for nail art designs, while shorter nails offer ease of maintenance and versatility.

  12. Matte nails: Matte nails refer to a non-shiny finish applied to the nails, creating a sophisticated and understated look. Matte coffin nails can be combined with glitter or shiny accents to add a touch of glamour.

  13. Nail colors: Nail colors play a significant role in nail art designs. They can be chosen based on personal preference, occasion, or current trends. Popular colors for acrylic coffin nails include black, white, pink, purple, brown, yellow, and green.

  14. Nail length adjustment: Acrylic coffin nails can be shortened at home using a coarse nail file. Care should be taken to maintain the desired shape and avoid filing them too short. It is recommended to file the nails in one direction and avoid back-and-forth filing motions.

By thoroughly understanding these concepts, I can provide informed advice, recommendations, and explanations related to coffin acrylic nails, nail art designs, maintenance, and other topics discussed in the article.

20 Coffin Acrylic Nails Ideas & Designs For Every Occasion (2024)
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